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BIO-DL Corporation is one of the providers of laboratory instruments. The main business comprises analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, laboratory consumables. The company is dedicated to offering the high-quality technology products, serives and creating a pleasant workplace for the users.

BIO-DL Corporation main products include Pipette, Microplate Reader, Microplate Washer, Thermal Cycler, gas cylinder converter,efficient gas purifier.

BIO-DL Corporation has been successively building the close cooperation relations with some famous companies including ThermoFisher, BIOHIT. we have continuously provided higher quality, more cost-effective products for the users in China, and have won a good reputation. 

BIO - DL product research and development center was established in 2009, after more than three years of scientific experiments repeatedly, successfully developed laboratory incubator dedicated iLAB cylinders series converters and efficient gas purifier series products.

In August 2011, BIO - DL PTY LTD in Melbourne, Australia, was formally established in the west and in the same year Shanghai representative office established in China, with BIOHIT, Finland pipetting products OEM cooperation for the first time.

At the end of 2012 BIO-DL PTY LTD to Texas headquarters moved to the United States, founded the BIO - DL Corporation to expand global business, with ThermoFisher in-depth cooperation actively, improve the BIO - DL series products brand laboratory.
Facing the global market in 2013, BIO - DL Corporation  to DE company launched Life Eco gradient PCR amplification, GenePure nucleic acid extraction apparatus, ThermoQ thermostat metal bath, hand-held centrifuge and other series of laboratory products.

BIO - DL products involving industry include: biotechnology, pharmaceutical research and development, clinical diagnosis, medical system, scientific research institutes, institutions of higher learning, food safety, environmental monitoring, inspection and quarantine, judicial identification, aquatic animal husbandry, the third party testing and other various industries.

BIO - DL cell culture products cover, liquid processing, protein research, RNA interference, nucleic acid amplification, high content screening cell and analysis, etc.

We offer our customers a one-stop solution to help customers set up perfect and reliable laboratory, provide safe and economic related laboratory products and first-class quality of technical services, to promote science and technology, product innovation, rapid development to meet customer demand.